Avirup Datta
Jul 3

This is another one of my amazing hobbies. It my exclusive 1/18th scale Die cast Model Cars which I have been collecting for the past 15 years now. Each of these Model cars are unique in their own way, some of them even has Real Leather seats as well as real carpeting inside them. They are all exact replicas made from there actual Manufacturer's Blue prints even the paint for each of these cars are the actual paints used on the real cars them selves. One of my most expensive Models I own is the Aston Martin One-77 which is in Black and is about $1500 and is exclusive just like the real car itself, which is Limited to only 77 in the world. As you can see (in the picture) I own Number 28 of the 77 made in the world. I own about 30 different exotic model cars some of these cars are so detailed that they took around 300 to 400 man hour to build and consists of about 450 to 500 individual pieces. Hope to find more people with similar Model car Hobbies on this amazing website "Hobby net Working". Enjoy Guys!!!

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